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Race day info

All you need to know for race day.

The information below will be updated for the race edition in 2022
Last edit: 12 April 2021

Why do we do this race

The Northwest Bulgaria Bike tour is an amateur road cycling race aiming to:

  • Develop cycling and active, clean tourism in the Northwest Bulgaria region
  • Develop road cycling in Bulgaria as a whole
  • Offer amateurs or professionals an opportunity for a well-organised spring event of all distances

Who can participate

The race accepts any rider that has paid their entry feeand agreed to terms of participation.

Children under 16 are allowed on XS and S distances accompanied by a parent at all times.

Race is limited to 330 people.


Start packages

Start packages are given away (number, t-shirt, stickers) at the Sofia Begach Office on 25 and 26 May (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 9 till 19 hrs at 85 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi blvd, Sofia.

By exception, for participants outside of Sofia, start packages will be given away before the start in Chiprovtsi as follows:

  • from 7:30 till 8:45 (for XL participants)
  • from 9:00 till 10:45 (for XS, S, M, L participants)

We strongly recommend to Sofia residents to pick up their packages in the office or have a friend take it for you.


In 2021, the start is on 29 May (Saturday) from the centre of the town of Chiprovtsi as follows:

  • 9:00 AM for XL distance – 155 km
  • 11:00 AM for XS, S, M, L distances

If you don’t start 10 minutes after the appointed hour, you’re marked as Did Not Start.

All times are measured by gun time (total).

Every rider must have a helmet and have carry the chip number on their bike seat post. Every rider must have their racing number (A5) on their back or on the bike handlebar in visible position.


Finish line for all distances is in the Mitrovtsi village city square. Note that the finish line is 12 kilometers from the start. If you’re staying overnight in Chiprovtsi. Be prepared to get back on your own.

We’ll have a bike trailer and can transport some of the participants, but due to the large interest this might be slow.

Timing and checkpoints

Timing will be a mix of electronic and manual. Electronic timing (with gates) will be handled in the following spots:

  • Start – Chiprovtsi
  • Dolni Lom tourist centre
    • One-time in S distance;
    • Two times (participants in M, L, XL must pass trough the gate going TO and BACK)
  • Finish line – Mitrovtsi

If a participant hasn’t passed trough the gate, they’re disqualified.

On  checkpoints:

  • Montana (Ogosta dam) (XL)
  • Chuprene (L, XL)
  • Belogradchik (L, XL)

Race marshalls will perforate your race number (non-chip one) and record your time. If a participant hasn’t got their perforation (with a custom shape) on their number, they will be disqualified. Please be kind and assist the race marshalls and volunteers to see and perforate your number and record your time.

Refreshment point and WC

The main refreshment point will be at the Dolni Lom tourist centre. It is approximately at the following distance from the start:

  • S – 28 km (once)
  • M – 28 / 60 km (to / back)
  • L – 28 / 90 km (to / back)
  • XL 76  / 140 km (to / back)

We’ll have: water, isotonic drinks, cola, crackers, chocolate, dried fruit.

On all checkpoints there will be water. There are more than 10 water sources along the route and store in every village.


  • Start – Chiprovtsi municipality
  • Dolni Lom – tourist center
  • Finish – Mitrovtsi (porta-potty)

Cutoff time

If participants in the L or XL distance haven’t made it to Dolni Lom Refreshment point until 13:30, they will be sent back to the finish.

Participants in the checkpoint Dolni Lom after 19:00h must show headlights in order to continue to the finish line.


Awards ceremony will be at 18 h in Mitrovtsi village. Besides the general rankings, winners in the following categories will be awarded:

  • Men/women aged 16-39 
  • Men/women ages 40-49
  • Men/women ages 50+

Besides the local awards with rakia and wine, winners will get presents from Begach Running Club:

  • Fitness towel
  • Steel bottlle
  • Socks
  • Biking gloves


NOTE! This is an open road race. All participants must follow the road rules and must have:

  • Helmet
  • Fully-functioning bike
  • Spare tire
  • At least 1 liter of water (within the bike bidons) during start
  • Fully-charged phone with the number they’re registered to the race

Let us remind you the Bulgarian road law:

79. All bikes must have:

  1. Breaks;
  2. Bell;
  3. Visible white light at the front, red reflective element at the back. White or yellow reflective elements at the wheels.

80. Any rider must use the rightmost part of the road.

81. Two or more riders are forbidden to ride in parallel or in parallel to a car;

82. Training group rides are forbidden.